Did you know?
Most honey sold in the USA is FAKE or ADULTERATED?

Research commissioned by Food Safety News found that over 70% of honey options available in US grocery stores are fake, or have been processed so much that most food laws around the world would prevent them from being labeled as 'honey' 

So.. What can I do?

1. Best option - Buy from a beekeeper you know
If you don't know one, ask around at your farmers market.

2. Buy local honey. With your own town or state on the label.

3. Buy directly from a US beekeeper. If you can't find a local beekeeper, find one that sells direct farm to table.

4. Buy US only honey. This is not the same as 'US Grade A'. 
Honey packers have an incentive to buy the cheapest honey.

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Who are we?
We're a beekeeping family farm, based out of South Dakota. 
Our family has had the privilege of taking care of bees since the great depression, when our great-grandfather got into the business.
With the proliferation of adulterated honey, we're finding it harder to deliver quality honey to our customers through traditional distribution channels. 

So we're here. Entering the world of farm to table.

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